Bishop Lures

The Bishop Lure with an angle cut cupped face produces a brilliant bubble trail and has wide and varied action from the surface to deep down, works in all positions and any conditions, This lure was thee original, and until 1977 had not changed in let's say a very substantial time!, of course also in it's current form has been used very successful lure for tuna and billfish, it is available in all company colours, also used in smaller sizes for the smaller tuna and all the mackeral family members and as for results, well they speak for themselves.

The Bishop lure like all our tackle is handcrafted using only the finest materials available and as for all our lures includes a brass centre tube for strength and weight that is double reamed at each end in order to negate the need for leader sleeves.

"A tremendous lure for Marlin and Tuna in all parts of the world with over 30 years of production in this form, we think no boat should leave port without one."


Speeds: 5-9 Knots.

Sizes: 175mm - 400mm / 9" to 16"

Cost: 32 - 120 AUD

The Bishop Lures are available in all head colours.

Bishop Prices

Size       Line Class      Bishop      Shipping Weight           
Micro 7"/175mm            4KG+


Small 8"/200mm            6KG+


Medium 9"/225mm            8KG+


Large 11"/275mm          15KG+


X Large 13.5"/340mm          24KG+


Colossal 16"/400mm          37KG+