Lure Information

All lures in this catalogue have been through an arduous test program, these lures were tested in all conditions in both the northern and southern hemispheres in order attain a selection of lures that we know will catch fish in all game fishing destinations across the world and in all conditions, of course we continue to test and develop all our tackle as a company policy with new and exciting tackle to be released in the near future.

Head Shapes

The Orb head with it's sphere construction lends itself to a long erratic action and very good water penetration, it can be run in any position within the lure spread and at speeds from 5-9 knots.

The Gill Thruster head has a slow popping cycle due to its angle cut cupped face with the ultimate bubble trail from the gill thrusters. Works in any position in the spread at speeds from 5-9 knots.

The Bishop head is our original, with angled cut cupped face produces a brilliant bubble trail and has wide and varied action from the surface to deep down, works in all positions and any conditions, best speed from 5-9 knots.

The Scout head with angle cut cupped face and slimmer profile, produces excellent bubble trail and tight darting action, works best with longer lines but can be used in short dependent on speed from 5-12 knots.

As always, the policy of this company is to produce the finest hand-crafted lures available anywhere and our lure construction methods as many clients have stated has stood the test of time, these methods although more hands-on and using only the highest quality materials achieve a final product that lends itself to a more durable and long term lure where excellent catch rates are not at a premium but a given.