Lure Skirt Colours

Current Skirt Colour Range

      The skirts on our lures are of excellent quality in terms of colour, skirt density and the overall materials used.
      Skirt numbers 1,4,7,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18,19,25,27,28,29,31,35,37,38,40,41 are usually used as over skirts
      in order to enhance under skirt colour, all other skirt numbers are generally used as under skirts, although if a
      solid colour is desired they can be used in this block colour combination.

                                                          51           52            53          54
  1. Lime green mackerel over chartreuse
  2. Chartreuse with pink tail flash
  3. Mid green over chartreuse orange underline
  4. Black mackerel on bottle green over chartreuse
  5. Hot pink all round
  6. Hot pink blue side lines over glitter clear
  7. Hot pink purple diagonal bar over glitter clear
  8. Glitter pink all round
  9. Pink with blue diagonal bar on foil over clear
  10. Pink with mauve mackerel on foil over clear
  11. Pink with black mackerel on foil over clear
  12. Luminous green with blue diagonal bar & red midline
  13. Jet black with red side lines over glitter gold
  14. Cobalt blue with black bar over glitter clear
  15. Black mackerel on cobalt blue over glitter clear
  16. Silver glitter clear
  17. Silver glitter clear with black bars
  18. Electric blue mackerel on silver glitter clear
  19. Black mackerel on foil over emerald green/clear
  20. Jet black with gold glitter dip
  21. Jet black with emerald green glitter dip
  22. Jet black with ruby red glitter dip
  23. Jet black with cobalt blue glitter dip
  24. Jet black signal red midline over glitter clear
  25. Full purple glitter with black mackerel
  26. Lavender over full blue glitter
  27. Full purple glitter with black diagonal bars
  28. Purple with silver foil over glitter clear
  29. Ruby red with black cross bars over gold glitter
  30. Deep ruby red with gold inner
  31. Yellow all round
  32. Chartreuse with black & red fleck over clear
  33. Full glitter gold with red midline
  34. Pearl white with light silver glitter
  35. Black mackerel on translucent purple over clear
  36. Green black mackerel over full red sidelines
  37. Mauve black diagonal bar over glitter clear
  38. Mauve black cross bars over royal blue
  39. Mid green over gold with chartreuse side lines
  40. Glitter silver/clear with red mackeral
  41. Glitter silver/clear with hot pink mackeral
  42. Red & black finish over white
  43. Lavender all round
  44. Jet black red midline over lavender
  45. Jet black yellow midline over full glitter green
  46. Royal blue with ruby red glitter dip
  47. Full glitter blue with yellow midline
  48. Jet black and yellow side lines over full glitter blue
  49. Black over red glitter clear
  50. Full glitter purple with white midline    
  51. Mid/light green with gold glitter all round    
  52. Pink top, white bottom under black mackeral
  53. Orange top, black bottom black mackeral on orange    
  54. Orange top, silver bottom black mackeral on orange