Saltwater Fly Fishing

Saltwater fly fishing as a viable means to catch any size of fish has certainly come of age in recent times this is mainly due to technology advancements in the manufacturing world where better and lighter materials make using rods and reels capable of stopping monstrous fish a distinct possibility. This does not mean that people have not tried to land large fish that have mistakenly or not latched onto their "traditional flies" only to be beaten by the construction and design of their tackle.

I say "traditional" simply because fully dressed salmon flies were undoubtedly the first "saltwater flies" to be used in anger in the sea, be it in estuaries, bays or the large expanses of "skinny saltwater" that abounds in areas of the old countries, where these exquisitely dressed flies were presented to the royally regarded salmo family centuries ago, A fish from the salt and angled for by gentry in the fresh.

Today in saltwater fly fishing things are not "traditional", No today things are "conditional", In that conditional means how big a quarry you want to pursue, the days are gone (within reason) where a rod will explode or a reel will blow up halfway through reeling in the monster that happened to take a liking to your “traditional style”, that is if you stick to the “purpose built category”.

The “purpose built category” in saltwater fly fishing especially in the big game department has achieved almost mythical status where deck winch sized fly reels are attached to broom stick handle fly rods.

Of course “myths” have to start somewhere so let’s just say in the big game department things get a little “beefier”.

Well again we must look to the participants of this fishing style to find out how many of them like to be attached to a ballistic missile for a couple of hours when the first hour is taken up just to get the line back on the reel (deck winch 1 to 1 retrieve rate) and the next hour is a slug fest where suddenly the meaning of "broom stick" comes into its own!

Well I am sure you could count them all on the teeth of a Antarctican bonefish?

And there we have the dilemma, we have acquired all the necessary tackle, hooked the missile but can we hang on?

Well as most of the big game fly fishers who are only interested in “just fly fishing” will admit, They in general use some form of harness system (not recommended for the record hunting "chappies") to alleviate the need to have arms and a back like the hulk!

And as this big game fly fisher will usually be using a tippet of substantially more breaking strain than the big game records allow they therefore have a more realistic chance of actually landing the fish. Well having the appropriate strength of gear attached to the fish also allows for more strain to be exerted on the fish hopefully bringing the fight to a conclusion quicker this in turn of course puts more strain on the angler (read pain!)

This is where the "purpose built category" appears useful as this is exactly what BIG GAME CLIP was designed for. (What an amazing coincidence)

The BIG GAME CLIP is for those of us who are just into fly fishing for monstrous missiles or really just there for the fun of it! Simply put the BIG GAME CLIP is certainly in the “purpose built category” having been put through its paces on billfish, giant blue fin and everything else in between, also you can be assured that the BIG GAME CLIP is in the "beefier" category.

And so the crux of this story is, If you’re a big game fly fisher who thinks he may have the "green tinge", just remember that bonefish in Antarctica can really count their own teeth, just ask the seagull!?