Saltwater Jigging

The term "saltwater jigging" while not by any means a new term for this style of fishing that was probably the first basic concept to catch any fish, but the rebirth of this way of fishing has certainly taken hold in different parts of the sport fishing world.

This fishing "renaissance" is mainly due to the specific tackle that has been developed for today's jigging and to be fair some rather calculated "features" along the way, of course all pointing the new jigger to the "purpose built" rods, reels and associated tackle that have magically started to make an appearance in the larger tackle stores.

Of course some of this exclusively designed tackle comes in the higher price range as of everything "purpose built", but then again as in the majority of all purchases especially in the fishing game and is even more of a priority in this "angle" of fishing is "you only get what you pay for" and lets face it the "purpose built" bit never sinks in, until the first time your attached to a 50kg+ monster trying to haul you over the side because it took a liking to your "associated tackle".

Well we have the big gun tackle and the ammunition but do we have the "energy?"

Well as the jigging fraternity will hate to admit, being on a hot patch of big monsters willing to take the ammunition on each drop usually coincides with a drop in energy levels as only a string of 50kg+ fish can do to the "weekend jigger" and of course this style of straight up and down fishing is not for the faint hearted at the best of times let alone the bad back brigade.

Certainly the "purpose built category" is clearly in favour at almost every turn in this fishing style where new concepts are needed to fish the "old way" in a new era and to this at THE FROZEN TREE COMPANY our new BIG GAME CLIP complies with this concept where for the times when the monsters do appear to take liking to the "associated tackle" and you can be rest assured that the BIG GAME CLIP is in the "purpose built" category.

Originally designed for big game fly fishing, BIG GAME CLIP uses a simple latch attachment method to securely and quickly attach to any diameter rod or grip in seconds, This ensures that BIG GAME CLIP is multi-rod and multi-technique capable.

Built from T6 marine grade alloy and marine grade stainless steel the BIG GAME CLIP has been tested on not only the monsters, but their big brothers too, just to make sure.