The Electric Maggots

The Electric Maggots (attractalotus billfishus electrus) are a  big game teaser designed for maximum surface and sub-surface action with their unique diving action and are for use with conventional big game tackle and big game fly with of course the emphasis on big game species like billfish and tuna or any large predators.

The Electric Maggots were conceived as a direct alternative to the daisy chain where the use of rubber and plastic birds were simply too prone to bills and bites or more likely complete loss, you can be sure the Electric Maggots are built tough to take serious abuse over a long period of time due their excellent construction.

These big game teasers are designed to be run at any distance from the boat with a lure running in an arc not greater than 2 metres in distance, alternatively they can be run in the slack water between the lures in the lure pattern in order to maximize water turbulence in that area.

The Electric Maggots can also be used as rigger teasers on heavier game poles and really come into their own when used on an electric teaser reel.

The Electric Maggots also floats at rest in order to minimize any propeller entanglement.
This big game teaser has had outstanding results worldwide over many years in bringing big game fish into the lure pattern.

"The Electric Maggots are designed to be towed from deck or riggers and can be adjusted to sit on the back or front of different waves depending on sea conditions and bubble trail required."


Speeds: 4 knots+

Size: 6' (1.8 meters)

Weight: 1.7 lb (0.8kg)

The Electric Maggots are made from high impact resins with heavy gauge brass centre tube and 49 strand wire throughout.

The Electric Maggots are available in the colours shown (freaked out acid rainbow) and come with a 13.5"/350mm quad thruster lure in black only?.

The Electric Maggots is patent pending product of The Frozen Tree Company┬«

Electric Maggots Price 190 AUD