The Turbo Teaser

The Turbo Teaser was originally conceived by The Frozen Tree Company® in 1977 but did not go into full production until 1980 where the local game fishermen were astounded by its success in bringing Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Giant Blue fin Tuna into their lure patterns, since that time this teaser with its unique turbo and turbine mixing chamber has only went from strength to strength not only in the fishing statistics but also in its reputation as one of the most prolific fish raisers that can be towed from the back of a game boat.

The Turbo Teaser is designed to bring all Game Fish into the lure pattern including Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish and all the Tuna's.

The Turbo Teaser brings new meaning to the word "bubble trail". This floating teaser is designed to work from 4 knots+ using a newly developed turbine mixing chamber.

The Turbo Teaser is engineered to dive from the surface to 1 metre in depth with a natural swimming action to produce the ultimate bubble trail.

The Turbo Teaser will not interfere with any trolling lines as it only partially surfaces to replenish air into its turbine mixing chamber and complete its dive cycle.

The Turbo Teaser can be used in all sea conditions and can be adjusted to sit on the back or front of different waves depending on sea conditions and bubble trail required it is designed to be run at any distance from the boat with a lure running to the back or side in an arc of approximately 2m this position produces tremendous results. 

The Turbo Teaser is designed to be run from the deck in order to realize its full potential although it can be used on the riggers if enough distance is used between the rigger tow point and the teaser or alternatively it can be run on its own in the slack water between the lures in the spread in order to maximize water turbulence in that area.

The Turbo Teaser also floats at rest in order to minimize any propeller entanglement.

"This Big Game Teaser has had tremendous success worldwide with many professional skippers and big game fishermen."


Speeds: 4 knots+

Size: 18"x5" (460mm x 125mm)

Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1lb)

The Turbo Teaser is made from high impact materials and with 316 grade stainless steel components throughout.

The Turbo Teaser is patent pending product of The Frozen Tree Company®

Turbo Teaser Price     280 AUD