About Us

The Frozen Tree Company founded in Scotland as a family tackle business in 1824 more for the necessity than for the enterprise as times were hard and unforgiving for tackle makers and fishermen alike.

The original concept of this family business was of being able to produce the finest tackle using the best materials available this ethos is still at the heart of what we produce today.

The original tackle being produced was fly fishing tackle and specialized lures, eventually over the years big game tackle was introduced until today we have a wide and varied selection of fishing tackle that covers many specialized fields.

As the practice of our company is to produce long term tackle our guarantee stands that any faults of workmanship will be rectified at the company's expense for the limited lifetime of our products.

As is noted this company is not a mass producer of fishing tackle and prides itself on producing hand made tackle and prides itself on producing hand made tackle for the individual who values the worth of the "old attitude" and personal touch so much missing in todays mass produced fishing tackle industry.