The Billbugs (attractalotus billfishus) is a new big game teaser and the latest product to be added to our Big Game Tackle range for 2010.

The Billbugs were designed in order that smaller game boats using  teaser reels with lighter riggers could have the same bubble breathing larva on their game poles as their bigger game fishing brothers have with the highly successful Electric Maggots, this means they have that same unique diving and breathing action to produce a surface and sub-surface bubble trail that is so attractive to all marlin, tuna and the other game fish that inhabit our oceans.

The Billbugs have all the attributes of the Electric Maggots but just in a smaller package and just like the maggots are highly effective as a deck teaser.

Through our testing as rigger teasers the Billbugs have been showing excellent results in a mid length position between short and long lures in conjunction with the Turbo Teaser or in a longer position and to the side or front of the rigger lures.

As usual the Billbugs are built to the same tough standards that their big brothers the Electric Maggots are well renowned for, and as many satisfied clients have stated:-
" a great product that gives excellent results" and "you only need to buy them once ".

We tend to think after our extensive R+D of the new Billbugs that all our clients feedback will be in the same positive manner GTG.

The Billbugs also float at rest in order to minimize any propeller entanglement.


"The Billbugs are designed to be towed from riggers or deck and can be adjusted to sit on the back or front of different waves depending on sea conditions and bubble trail required."


Speeds: 4 knots+

Size: 6' (1.8 meters)

Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

The Billbugs are made from high impact resins with brass centre tubes and 49 strand stainless steel wire throughout.

The Billbugs are available in the colours shown (freaked out acid rainbow) and come with a 11"/275mm Billbug lure in black only?.

The Billbugs is patent pending product of The Frozen Tree Company®



Billbugs Price 150 AUD